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At RDM, it is all about learning and communication place where we emphasis on the interaction between RDM with staff over the duration of the relationship. When RDM established in the year 2001, our office concept is to offer private offices to our staffs, means RDM gives you space and expect you to find your own rhythm of work.


This year, RDM is going into the 17th Year Anniversary and continued to grow in business and team members. To enhance communication between staff, we decided to have an open office concept for better communication within departments and a more collaborative atmosphere and efficient use of space.


The station is divided into 3 departments which are Professional Technical Services (PTS), Sales and Administration.


The objective of the open-office concept is to provide:


• Conducive work environment

• Ease of movement around the office and utilise space efficiently

• Increase engagement and productivity amongst the team

• Increase communication and interaction amongst the team

• Provide spaces for new team members.




Private office table with partition before renovation




On 6th April 2017, all office tables and the partition has dismantled from office




Installation work in progress




New open office table, Sales and Admin Department



New open office table, Professional Technical Services (PTS) Department